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The hotel is 500 meters from Villa Gioiosa Rimini spa therapy center.

The center, which is right on the beach, offers the possibility of thermal treatments in different time slots of the day prior medical examination and has a wellness center open to the public.

The thermal spring is a few hundred meters from the building and the water is sucked directly and then filtered to reach the various departments.
E 'salsobromo water-iodine-bicarbonate alcalinaterrosa in which there are many natural elements. Particularly suitable for thalassotherapy.

- inhalation treatment
- cure balneotherapy and vascular
- thermal mud therapy

- Wellness packages
- facials
- Body Treatments
Swimming-pool, turkish bath and sauna
- medical
- Other treatments

MASSAGE (based on the use of marine elements):
- relaxants
- shiatsu
- Ayurveda
- Abhyanga
- shirodara


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Hotel Villa Gioiosa

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