Family Special

Upon arrival
  • Each child will get a fun freebie

In your Room
  • a cot or a camping bed for younger children
  • a bed with safety panels for older children
  • Night light
  • Baby bathtub with a reducer
  • Toilet seat reducer
  • Nappy bin
  • Bottle warmer

Children’s mealtimes
  • Highchairs and seat raisers for children
  • Colourful plastic cutlery and dishes and fun napkins
  • A disposable bib
  • Personalized vegetable broth with no salt and cooked food to wean babies
  • Earlier mealtimes for young children
  • A common fridge where you can store personal items such as yogurt, baby food, and milk
  • Bar service to warm milk for young children open until 12 am

For your strolls
  • Use of one of our pushchairs
  • Child seats and helmets for bike trips

For your free time
  • A TV room with board games, books to read and colour in the garden there are playhouses and games

On the beach
  • Children’s areas
  • A fenced in water games area
  • Entertainment and fun activities